Saturday, 19 June 2010


aMay 9 update

A lot of water passed since our last visit to the Bosketto and the disappointment of finding Marjorie Holmes' laboriously planted succulents replaced throughout by costly and temporary Cineraria.

Let us recapitulate on a bizarre story becoming bizarrer:

Stool & Haunches

  • MH brings plants from her own garden

  • As per the photos on the left, MH proceeds to get down on stool and haunches and plant long-lasting indigenous succulents that will bring beauty to the Bosketto.

  • See postings passim

  • At a meeting in the Mayoralty, it is pointed out that, despite Marjorie Holmes' expertise and assistance having been requested from the very highest level - the Mayor himself - still no help has come from the massed ranks of the Municipal gardening staff.

  • Help & Liaison: There and then, the Municipality PR director arranges a meeting in the garden for the very next day.

  • MH will be introduced to a member of staff who will be assigned to her for all future necessary assistance and liaison with the Mayor's office.

  • Punctually at 10 AM next morning. Nobody shows up.

  • The strange case of the 'well-dressed gentleman': One day in the garden, MH is addressed by a well-dressed Greek who asks her if she likes the floral arrangement.

  • He informs her that - lo! - the scene will soon be transformed with the planting of cineraria.

  • Since such plants are costly and temporary, little credence is placed on this prediction

  • But Lo! One morning MH arrives at the Bosketto to find all her work dug up (and chucked who knows where? Never returned and never seen again)

  • In their place, ready-made plants as far as the eye could stretch.

  • Cineraria being temporary and the killer hot weather approaching, the next move was to monitor the situation and capture the moment when the dying wilting plants were removed.

  • Lo! I did not even have to wait that long.

  • GONE ~ May 9, the cineraria were gone - but not ALL the cineraria, just the bed on which MHolmes had worked.

  • Πόσα κοστίζει; ~ I have set myself a public service investigation.

  • From photographs and measuring on the ground, I have an approximate measure of the area covered by the cineraria.

  • MH patronises three different nurseries who have agreed to come up with quotes for what that sort of trade purchase might have cost, including the bulk discount passed on for such a massive operation.

  • Phormiums ~ As reported in posts passim, MH brought some magnificent phormiums from her own garden to be planted in the Bosketto.

  • Instead of being planted in one block as is correct, they were divided up and the sad single strands plonked around.

  • Touchingly, these are being dutifully watered but one need only compare the full bush as it could have been today to the Sad Sap single specimens struggling to make a presence.

  • Oct 17 2010: I'd ended with my usual hollow promise of "More to come on the mysteriously selective Cineraria Clearance, including further photos to support the text" but I obviously ran out of steam or patience.

    However, I visited the 'garden' on an unfairly rainy day and snapped an update.

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