Monday, 1 March 2010

Visit Sunday February 28th

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    Looked into the gardens after church.

    Started work on the square empty bed with the lamp post opposite the south entrance, near the public toilets.

    Filled it with pale green rosette-type Succulents, which I had to over-crowd for an immediate effect.

    Felt very pleased by complimentary remarks from a passing Ya Ya and her charges - proof that people do notice.

    Returned in the afternoon and finished off this area and moved to one of the rectangular beds on one side of Lawrence Durrell's memorial. This was filled with regimented rows of bright orange marigolds. I removed them all, leaving no trace and brought them home for my own compost heap.

    In their place I planted out white-leaved Gazania which will spread and cover.

    There is a similar bed on the other side of the bust and also around the bust of Gerald Durrell which I will give similar treatment to.

    7pm ~ Closing Time - We were ushered out by the caretaker when it was getting quite dark.

    The Garden was much more crowded than I expected and there was a lively air about it.

    The over-crowded part right of centre had been well pruned by the tree cutters and looked much lighter and less sinister.

    The same should be done on the left of the central fountains which seems dark and impenetrable but, being the playground area, is always the most crowded.

    Late night planting on the side of the Durrell memorials: white-leafed gazenia

    Empty bed being planted with evergreens

    Silver evergreen: white leafed gazania, yellow flowers in summer.

    Gazania needs no further attention except for occasional clipping back.

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