Wednesday, 10 March 2010

March 9 Photo Visit

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To the Bosketto to see if we could coincide with the presence of any Municipal garden staff.

Still no luck.

playground messEvidence of much tree pruning around the Playground as well as *on* some of the more popular facilities.

One hopes these will be cleared up a little quicker than the trimming and strimming at the south end outside the caretaker's hut.

Extremely thorough job done, allowing more light as suggested by Marjorie Holmes.

However, there still remains the banyan tree which was the original reason for the pruning lorry to be called in.

seesawIt should be noted that, at the time of the visit, it was not yet known that the Playground has nothing to do with the Bosketto but is under the aegis of the local Rotary club.

One makes suggestions and comes up with ideas and people nod thoughtfully as if giving it some thought - and all the time they knew perfectly well that it is a waste of time to even venture down to the the playground space.

own trashIronically, the regularly untidy area where the bins and barrows are kept now look part of the overall debris scene.

The 'storage' and dumping ground is just inside a hedge dividing the playground and the Bosketto area, although nothing grows here and the two benches are isolated and unwelcoming, suitable only for courting couples but never used during any of our visits, possibly because of their extreme lack of comfort and curvaceous possibilities.

palmsAlso good pruning at the front where the palms have been cleared and the view opened.

We see the truck parked here and we see the results the next day but we have never seen the cutter in action or any Municipal supervisor, so we are still in the dark about the banyan tree.

A bleak day with no reason to linger.


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