Tuesday, 2 March 2010

March 2nd Visit

To the Bosketto in the morning to find much pruning of trees in progress - very quick and expert.

The whole place looks lighter and twice the size.

I planted succulents and evergreens in the empty beds near the Durrell memorials - rooting out one filled with bright orange marigolds just by Lawrence Durrell's bust, an action of which I am sure he would have approved.

Neglected and weedy ~ The unfilled beds are neglected and weedy, so I had to do a fair amount of digging and weeding before I could insert the plants I had brought with me.

Disfigured Banyan ~ the noble banyan tree has been disfigured by huge graffiti in lurid purple on its trunk, which should be removed as soon as possible.

Playground seating: I am still concerned with the seating arrangements round the playground.

The gardens are over-benched in general, yet there is nothing at the playground end.

Small scattered seats are around the swings but anyone sitting there risks being hit by the swings themselves.

There seems an over-abundance of benches everywhere else, but nothing for this most crowded and constantly filled area.

I have already suggested two sheltered/shaded benches at each corner by the entrance, and a couple of seats facing the swings at the entrance to the wooded area would be practical as well.

With all the clearing down by the tree pruners, the sea wall facing the fortress reveals itself to be covered with silver-leafed artemisias and other desirable small sbrubs of that family.

They take easily from cuttings and could be used successfully edging or even filling beds in open sunny positions.

Exposed Toilets: The entrance to the WCs still bothers me: they are exposed to all, doors wide open (so at least one can see that they are clean), but no privacy.

The back wall has a fine trellis, but to what purpose one wonders? If only this could be continued round to the entrance.

Match the shrubs: The south side has two different shrubs on either side of the gate. One of them is half dead and should be removed and another planted in its place to match its neighbour.

Or both removed and a new, matching pair installed.

Summary of March 2 activity

  • Good pruning done, Garden has more light

  • Planted succulents and evergreens

  • Time wasted weeding the neglected unfilled beds

  • New graffiti on banyan trees needing removing

  • Playground needs sensible layout of benches

  • Toilets entrance lacks privacy

  • Match the 2 shrubs at the south entrance

  • Parking Violation: A good example of how projects can over-extend their original brief:

  • Marjorie Holmes is brought in as 'advisor' on the improvement and 'revival' of the Bosketto Garden
  • She donates shrubs from her own garden
  • She starts visiting the Garden and spending valuable hours of her own time in manual labour
  • After the first visit, MH sees no one around. Not one person who seems part of the garden staff
  • March 2: From digging and weeding and planting, MH then takes on the task of watering her own work. Still nobody to even question what this old lady is doing, turning up with full garden equipment and removing and replacing plants.

    Parking Penalty: What should have been two minutes standing by the car as MH gathers her tools becomes 45 minutes searching for taps and water outlets.

    €80: Traffic police see the unattended vehicle and do their duty.

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