Monday, 29 March 2010

March 29 Visit

Visit to retrieve the three phormiums seen on the last visit as looking neglected and wrongly planted as separate strands rather than as the entire bush.

Compare the example in the photo of the large bush at San Luca with the droopy strands in the Bosketto.

Arrived around 4pm with the garden pleasantly full, both in the main part and the playground.

  • Pleasantly surprised to find the plants had been recently watered and were not looking bad at all.
  • The photograph opposite is of a healthy specimen from MH's garden of the type donated to the Bosketto.

    There seemed no reason to uproot the Bosketto version while there were people around admiring the display.

  • Seeing George in his hut or busy sweeping the garden was a reminder that he is probably the only gardening staff to make himself known and ready to learn from MH.

    MH got to know George better at the second meeting while planting the evergreens/succulents and explaining what was needed.

    Towards the end, the lack of easy communication proved a problem and was made more difficult by the sudden uprooting of the evergreens and overnight replacement with the cineraria.

    George seemed genuinely embarrassed at not being able to help without express permission from Mr Kuluris.

    Adding to the general puzzlement was the fact that everyone concerned had been at the original early February meeting called by Mr Kuluris and introductions and explanations could have been made and Marjorie Holmes's role and bona fides clearly established.

    Summary~ Left-hand photo.

    Marjorie Holmes turning the soil and planting succulents brought from her own garden at no charge because the party line was that there was no money.

    Photo right: All MH's work uprooted and, instead of being returned to her, dumped who knows where?

    In their place - and throughout the Bosketto - temporary and costly cineraria.

    Phormiums ~ The watering of the donated phormiums (see photos passim) seems to have been the one positive co-operative action to have come out of the Mayor's scheme for Marjorie Holmes to help over the Bosketto.

    Still to this day, no one has explained who was this man who appeared and told MH of his plan to carpet the place with cineraria.

    Fountains and Cineraria: Several readers of this report have pointed out the irony of the fountains in the Bosketto as well as those in the main square having been whipped into shape in time for Easter, each also surrounded by cineraria.

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