Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Visit Tuesday Feb 16

To the Bosketto at 11am with a large collection of

  • Convovulus mauritanicus
  • Rosemary (large spreading variety)
  • White leaf, yellow-flowered Gazania
  • Variegated leaf vinca (periwinkle) - pale yellow and green
  • Bergenia - in flower now.

    Frederiki was there and a very nice and co-operative gardener. Unfortunately, none of these people is gardeners as such - it's just a case of jamming a plant - any plant - into an empty space and constantly watering.

    We replaced all the marigolds round the top edge of the two ponds with trails of Convovulus mauritanicus, which I hope to also use as ground cover in other places.

    The original plant came from Powis Castle - cascading down the castle walls, a stunning sight. I brought a tiny pot from the garden shop. It originates, however, from the Mediterranean shores and is well suited here: it spreads very quickly and is absolutely covered with small purple blue Morning Glory-type flowers from early spring until the hot weather sets in, but even then the leaves persist.

    Frederiki wants more Bergeria which the Greeks call Begonia, filling in some of the beds now emptied of marigolds that face the front gate, on either side of the Durrell sculptures.

    Yes, they are evergreen, and yes they will spread and make excellent ground cover, but they are too dull to be the first thing you see when you go through the gates, and they only flower during the winter months.

    I'm sure Larry and Gerald would agree!

    I had in mind that they should be planted round the base of the trees on the underused and over-shady centre section, and the beds in question planted with the cheerful yellow and green periwinkle. Eventually, of course, I would like to see these beds banished altogether.

    The place is too cluttered with brick-edged toe-stubbing uninteresting flower beds, completely interrupting the sense of serenity and flow that every garden needs - particularly, in my opinion, a public garden where people wander in for a bit of peace and quiet on a rendezvous with friends.

    When I left I told the gardener who'd been helping me [His name is George - Ed] that once these plants have their roots in, you will never have to water them again - just clip clip into shape occasionally.

    Of course, he didn't believe me.

    Feb 16 summary

  • Photos of the visit

  • MH and CH were late leaving the house. Lefteris phoned to check we were coming to Bosketto but when we arrived there was just George and Frederiki.
  • Managed to park out outside the gates but arrangements must be made for a regular parking space at no charge so that Marjorie Holmes (MH) does not have to walk too far.
  • Brought a variety of plants and MH started replacing the marigolds round the ponds (see photos) and was immediately helped by George and Frederiki who also planted and uprooted current plants and put in the new from San Luca garden.
  • There is an apothiki where we can keep spare tools and plants and soil and George said that parking could be arranged by speaking to the official carpark attendants.
  • Worked for about 1 hour and then left, confirming that we would be at the garden *early* Wednesday for the banyan clipping.

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