Saturday, 13 February 2010

San Luca visit Saturday, Feb 13

On February 13th my garden was visited by

  • Mr Lefteris Kuluris from the Mayor's office
  • Frederiki Brigioti, in charge of planting and responsible for the garden
  • Mr Giannis Ntallas, the head gardener [all these titles to be checked for accuracy].
  • (Photos of the visit)

    I had prepared a table top collection of rooted plants suitable for the narrow beds and edgings, also a few rooted off-shoots of shrubs which would do well without further watering or after care once established.

  • Myrtle
  • Teucrium fruiticans
  • Ballota acetabulosa
  • Vibernum tinus
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary.

    I also suggested that Agapanthus should be planted: they are evergreen, make big clumps of strapping dark green leaves and have large round heads of beautiful blue or white flowers all summer.

    Oleanders - another evergreen that does particularly well near the sea and is covered with flowers all summer - should also be planted wherever there is an open position.

  • There were also cuttings of different forms of lavender, rosemary and iris.

    We did a tour of the San Luca garden which is about 10 times the size as the Bosketto and which at present is full of various forms of narcissus, all local, Viburnum tinus, covered with its round posies of tiny white flowers tinged with pink, various citrus trees covered with fruit, and irises of all sizes, ground covers of periwinkle, all in flower, violets, and cyclamen leaves which will persist until May. Strawberry trees (Arbutus unedo) of all sizes, flowering and fruiting at the same time, banks of yellow Jasmine, also evergreen.

    To my surprise and disappointment, Frederiki was like a very bored town visitor, she took not the slightest interest in the collection I had prepared for her and turned down flat a metre-high well-rooted myrtle bush which I had separated from its larger parent plant.

    Giannis, on the other hand, asked me almost shyly if he might have a few things from the collection for his own green house/garden. I urged him to take the lot.

    San Luca Feb 13 summary

  • Table on patio with prepared rooted plants and off-shoots etc.
  • Sat inside and talked strategy and plants (see main report)
  • MH made suggestions of what could be planted.
  • Discussed problem of trimming banyan ie members of public reporting any damage of plants to the police
  • FL phoned and secured service of cutter lorry for Wednesday early morning 17 Feb
  • Agreed that ch and mh could make a start themselves on the planting
  • Tour of the garden (see photos)
  • Next meetings: morning of Tuesday 16th to take in plants from garden and start planting; early morning Wednesday 17th for the pruning and to check that no excessive cutting is done.
  • Island Magazine - Feb 12 asked to write piece on the make-over, deadline mid-April to be in the shops June and for all the summer.

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