Tuesday, 23 February 2010


General observations

There are far too many bins and baskets about, all of varying sizes.

There ought to be a standard recognisable model, big enough for a day's collection at either end of the garden ~ perhaps a pair at each gateway.

A large galvanised container with handles which can be lifted out of a protective and reasonably decorative cage of trellis, painted black or dark green.

Bamboo would do and probably be cheaper, although there are shops which sell sections of ready-made trellis.

Handbag: On this topic, get ride of all those handbag-sized rubbish containers attached to trees, lamp posts and walls.

It must be remembered that this is basically a memorial garden.

Witness all those ground marble statues of past Grandees of Corfu, noble families and distinguished administrators.

And in the case of the Bosketto, the more recent busts of the Durrell brothers.

They are demeaned by the fussy and crowded flower beds and benches placed hugger-mugger any old way and the general air of tattiness and neglect.


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