Tuesday, 23 February 2010



  1. There are no proper comfortable sitting areas for adults
  2. Among the swings etc there is a clutter of seats, stools, and small benches which get in the way of the tricycles, running children and even the swings themselves.

    The whole area looks a complete mess.

    Adults in charge of the children tend to sit on the steps and the stone edge of the main part of the garden. Not very comfortable - but where else is there if they are to watch their charges and not be knocked down or swelter in the heat?

  3. Rose beds ~ At the south end of the garden - near the toilet - there is a large circular rose bed in an enclosure.

    At present it is just this 2½-metre circle of bare earth piled with a clutter of what appears to the horticulturally ignorant as a mass of dead twigs.

    These are all roses which in the fulness of time - perhaps towards the end of May - might produce a show of bloom.

    Might produce the anticipated display.

    It is too shady for successful roses which need a lot of attention and these aren't even in a populated area where people can enjoy or admire them.

    The huge round bare bed is also very ugly.

    I suggest it should be ground-covered with evergreen violets or the small wild strawberry - or even covering the surface area with a mulch of white pebbles.

    It would keep weeds down and maintain moisture in hot weather.

    Wrong for roses: roses are completely wrong in that spot and a waste of maintenance time. Also, what is the purpose of those brick-edged enclosures round the standing lamps? More toe stubbing clutter.

    Please no more roses ~ at least not the sort that are planted here. These stiff hybrid tea types have no place in a public garden, For more than half the year they are stiff, bare, flowerless twigs needing spraying against rose pests and diseases, and constant watering.


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