Monday, 22 February 2010


Photographs from Feb 21 visit

  • south pathLeft Photo: Looking south up the elegant uncluttered path facing the fortress and sea.

    north boundRight photo: Path to the north.

    Note the complete absence of any seating, along north or south paths.

    sea side benchLeft photo: Bench on seaward side.

    It could be a similar arrangement to the design below for the corner of the Ya-Ya photo.

    corner with ya ya

    RIGHT, corner with Ya-Ya: The unwelcoming entrance to the Playground.

    Wide spreading rosemary could be planted either side of the gate and benches placed at each corner.

    rubbish binRUBBISH COLLECTION BINS: Left and right.

    Would you put a rubbish bin by your front door?

    There are waste bins everywhere in the Bosketto Garden.

    There is no need to have one right by the entrance.

    It is demeaning.

    distant shot of toilettoiletTOILET

    Photos L & R

    Needs tidying up and a some sort of 'privacy' tressil erected.

    Tree and lamp post left:No need for beds under the trees, better to put another bench for shade. See the tree behind.

    Photo - right: Useless weedy-looking shrubs.

    Best thing is to do away with them altogether.

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